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Here's a video from the recording sessions:


Eternal Art’s studio session initiated in early September 2015 at Garageland Studios in Umeå, Sweden. Andreas (drums) and Simon (lead vocals, guitar) began by recording drums for the four track EP ‘The Resistance’. Despite having troubles to focus and keep the energy up, Andreas still mention that “it went smooth and we only needed one day to record the songs”. The technical difficulty of the songs varied quite a bit and Andreas said: “Total Dominance was the most difficult song because of the tempo changes”.

The next member to enter the studio was Gustav (bass), who joined Eternal Art in January this year. Being Gustav’s first time in the studio he thought: “it was quite challenging as we changed some parts during the session. Even though I felt prepared I quickly realised what I should have practiced even more on”. He still felt satisfied with the sound and end result of the recordings. “Some of the changes gave a lot of extra energy to the songs which made them really heavy!”.

On the same weekend Dara entered the studio to record keyboard. Dara have been a part of the band since the early days and he mentioned that: “It went really well, much better than on the recordings for our last EP ‘Tales to Remember’ in my opinion. More preparation = greater knowledge of the songs = better end result”. Dara especially highlights his expectations for the song ‘The Resistance’ as it combines a lot of melody with heavy riffs.

One week later it was Thomas (guitar) turn to contribute to the recordings on his brand new Jackson guitar. Thomas who joined Eternal Art together with Gustav in the beginning of the year said: “it went well, there were no problems. It was quite different, from a positive perspective, to hear the vocals properly for the first time”.

It was now time for Simon, guitarist and founder of Eternal Art, to record his parts. He commented: “I was really stoked to get the songs recorded as we have been practicing them for a while now. Vocals and guitar solos is always a challenge but it went really well in the end”. Simon reveals that he finished writing the lyrics for the song ‘The Resistance’ on the same morning as the recordings. During one of the heavier parts of ‘Total Dominance’ he engaged in the song to the extent that his headphones flew from his head, which he comments with: “You have been warned!”.


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