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Part II: Bass & Keys


Day 3

A few days after recording the drum parts we continued with bass. It went pretty straight forward except for a metronome issue. Even if the tempo and rythms were set by the drums some parts have drum breaks and you need to rely on the metronome instead. In this case our recording software somehow changed the tempo incrementaly by 1 bpm throughout the song. That occured even if the start and the end were set to the same tempo. Anyway, we finally fixed it and decided to delete the first recordings and get a fresh new start. Isak did a great job recording all of the songs once again.

Day 4

Both drums and bass were now in place and the foundation for the songs was done. It made it much easier to add the rest of the instruments. We continued with keyboard and recorded one sound for each song at the time to keep the volume and settings consistantly. The sounds Dara used were strings, harpsicord and solo sounds etc. These sounds add dynamics and harmonies to each song.

Even if keyboards can produce most of the sounds for the songs, sometimes you don't make it feel natural. Violin is that kind of instrument. Therefore, we got help from a guest musician. Sofia Lindgren is a talented violinist and managed to add that extra enhancement to the song.

Here's a video from the recording session of bass and keyboard:

Isak: I had a great time recording bass for these tracks. We had some technical issues at the start, but once those problems were out of the way recording went quite smoothly! Recording bass over a naked drum track (with the occasional backing track or metronome) is always a valuable learning experience.

Dara: It went very well overall but there was some details I had to work with. It was difficult to change the playing style when you're used to play something in a certain way. It resolved thanks to an excellent coach (A.K.A Simon Lind) that helped me.

Simon: The songs are slowly coming alive and each new track builds higher expectations towards the result. I'm looking forward to record some guitars.

Next up: Guitars!


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