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Part I: Drums


Day 1

We got up early and started by rigging the drums. We needed to make sure that the drums were tuned and we also tried two different drum snares just to find the right sound.

Eternal Art in Studio Drums 1 Andreas is setting up the drum kit

We spent the morning testing and setting up the drum kit. When it was done we grabbed som food and then we began to record the first track.

Here's a video on what it sounded like:

Day 2

Next morning Andreas could immediately start warming up and record the third track. The track were more difficult to get right.

Eternal Art in Studio Drums 2 Andreas is listening at the mix table

For those who are interested, most of the time in a studio you just sit and listen. Just to find weak spots and when you find them you do a retake and then you are back to listening again. If you don't like the song before you'll definitely won't like it better after listening to it countless of times.

Andreas: It was fun and interesting and I think it went well. I got a good start and did The Ghost of Edward Teach quite fast.

Simon: I have never sat with a drummer in a recording studio before and I thought it could be difficult to get the rythm tight. But Andreas is a great drummer and I think it went really good and faster than I expected.

We were done recording the drums earlier than our schedule. We are now really excited to continue with the rest.


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